Child Care

The need for caring for abandoned and vulnerable babies in South Africa is huge. Social workers or the police bring babies or older children in the night or early mornings. They find the babies in the field abandoned, in bags alongside the road or in the midst of abuse situations in their communities.

We want every child at the Safe Houses to feel special, loved, safe and free to be just a child. We want them to know that life is not all bad, that there are people they can trust and who loves them. Most of the babies are addicted to drugs or are FAS babies (Foetal Alcohol Syndrome). It is very sad to see them suffer. They cry nonstop, suffers from cramps and pain, and some of them has apnoea and just stop breathing.

The children are kept in the Safe Houses until they can go back to their own families or to foster families. In the case where the parents disappear or died, they ask the court for permission to sign the child off for adoption.

To hug these kids and the babies, to tell them they are special and that we love them, and that God has a plan with every one of them is so fulfilling. To see them trust people again, the sparkle in their eyes, to hear their laughs and to feel their hugs is the most wonderful reward.
Elsie, Safe House Manager