A place to dream

Shouldn’t every child have a bed? A place to dream? We believe so. With our Bed-for-a-Child project we provide children in need a comfortable sleeping place to dream in their shacks or in their safe care family.

Bed Deliveries

The ability of dreaming is essential for our lives and for walking forward into our future. A dream of a job, a dream of a car, a dream of travelling around the world or maybe a dream of going to school, … We want to give children in need the ability to dream so that they are encouraged to walk into their future. A simple dream can change a life. According to the circumstances we have two options for beds for the children.

1 Proper Children Bed

If there is enough space in the home, we bless the children with a proper bed made out of recycled wood produced through a corporate social responsibility project. The bed will be handed out with a mattress and a warm blanket. 

2 Waterproof Mattress

In situations where the space is too little for a bed we bless the children with a waterproof mattress which they can roll up. In addition to the mattress we hand out a warm blanket. 

Children Bed

Children Mattress

With ZAR 440.00 we are able to bless a child with a comfortable place to dream. We are very thankful for any contribution towards these beds. Please reference your payment with “Dream”. Thank you very much!