Immediate assistance


Rescue food packs

We started the rescue food packs to provide a low cost easy to prepare, quick meal to children who are desperately hungry. We discovered that some of the children we work with are taking care of by an unemployed parent, a guardian or family member. Some children will be left vulnerable and desperate for food on weekends when their parents or guardians are under the influence of alcohol and will have no food in the house. We have two outlets in Westlake for these children to draw rescue food packs. All these food packs are logged in a log book to build a history and reason for the assistance of different children.

Love and self respect packs

We identified that some of the children we work with do not take care of there personal hygiene because of a lack of basic needs like soap, tooth brush and tooth paste. These are seen as luxury items if you live on the bread line barely surviving. They neglect themselves which in itself cause sickness and disease. We use the same two outlets for our Love and Self Respect Packs. Our love and self respect packs have a far greater effect on these children than just hygiene. Some every day luxuries we might take for granted is now building self respect and self esteem to those who are too poor to afford a bar of soap.