As of today you have donated R57K, yes you read right…R57K!

Our new goal – R100K! We are almost there! Barely a week ago we pictured a pretty wendy house, today a whole new beautiful, brand new creche! The power of working together, united to a achieve a common goal!

Franziska’s death will not be in vain. What could have easily divided our communities has united us and together we will transform Westlake one project at a time!

Friends and people whom I know can ill afford to give, just keep giving! Small businesses in our community have come forward and offered building supplies and donations. People have come forward with offers of toys and books!

Reddam House Constantia has joined forces with the Orphan Care Foundation and is fund-raising to help us achieve our goal!

Their maintenance team are hard at work with our team at Orphan Care Foundation to design the most functional, gorgeous, inspiring environment for our little peeps to learn in, think in and grow in!

People from around the world have heard our plight and we have received donations from Isle of Man, United Kingdom and some money pledged from a little creche in New Zealand also called Sunbeam!

Wonderful ladies have asked how much Chanel charges per month to look after our little beings and have kindly offered to sponsor some children – those whose parents can ill afford to pay the fees while they are hard at work or looking for work!

I am in contact with amazing ladies from Starting Chance, Ali and her team connected with us via Tracy Stallard and are guiding us on EDC’s build design and teaching programs having just completed 3 themselves!

The ladies of @WOW – Woman of Westlake are helping us find men in the Westlake community who will work with us to break down the old creche and re-build the new!

This is what ubuntu looks like!

Please listen in tomorrow at 2:30pm when Bonnie Jacoby Bester and Chanel are interviewed on Cape Talk. We’re hoping Candice Botha at KFMis better soon and gets us connected on air too!

Please continue to spread the word…our journey has just begun!

It takes a village to raise a child – help us raise our children.

If you would like to make a difference, work with us, share with us, dream with us!

Help us build Sunbeam!

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