The last few days have been beyond exciting!

What started off as a small plea to help raise R14000 for a wendy house to stop the Sunbeam creche in Westlake from being closed down has escalated into a community coming together beyond our wildest dreams! We are all united for one common cause – transforming little lives.

Since Friday’s post we have unfortunately heard that our wendy house idea will not meet the City of Cape Town’s latest health and safety regulations for a creche as these are deemed to be a fire hazard in an informal settlement!

Knowing that and our very short time frame we contacted Reddam House on Friday afternoon and received confirmation half an hour later that Reddam House would send their maintenance team to meet us on site this morning and would also assist us with raising some of the additional funds we need to do this properly with the maximum impact and with sustainability and resiliency.

Today I walked into Sunbeam with more hope in my heart than I have ever felt. The response from our community and individuals as far as the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Isle of Man has been astounding. Testament to the fact that we are all loving individuals who want to see a lasting transformation in our South Africa. We want our future children to grow into leaders who can inspire us and lead with love and courage. The only way we will grow these leaders is by instilling the idea from an early age that they are worth it!

Looking at these faces today was the best gift ever. I know with a 100% certainty that their lives will be changed. We will make an impact. We will start small and continue to positively impact one little life at a time.

Sunbeam creche Westlake - meet the little lives

Sunbeam creche – meet the little ones

Our team together with Reddam House have decided that our best course of action will be to convert 3 shipping containers into the creche and sleeping quarters for the children who overnight with Chanel and to do away with all the make shift structures! We were able to reach this conclusion because of the unbelievable love and compassion our community has! We have already raised R44200 and we think we can double that now!

Why dream small when you can dream BIG and do things the way they are meant to be done – with passion, courage, love, hope and the idea that by transforming these little lives will give these beautiful individuals the idea that they are special! That they are worth us using our energy and our resources to create a space that can transform their lives one child at a time.

Our education system is not focused on children age 0-2 – this is the most valuable time in any developing child’s life. What chance do these individuals have to become leaders in our country if we can’t lead, teach and raise these children with love, compassion and ubuntu – it takes a village to raise a child. Help us raise our children.

Help us transform one creche at a time! This is only the beginning of an exciting journey about to unfold. I can’t help but think Franziska’s death will not be in vain – her death united us as a community when it could so easily have had the opposite effect. Join hands with us and make a difference today and for the future!

Much love,

Ursula & the Orphan Care Foundation team!

Sunbeam - transforming spaces

Sunbeam creche – Transforming spaces for little faces.

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