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Sunbeam creche in Westlake facing closure

The Orphan Care Foundation is responsible for assisting 51 vulnerable children and orphans in the Westlake Community in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

Started 8 years ago by Martin Oosthuizen and his wife Louise, the foundation now also provides assistance to 7 BADISA registered safe houses and we also provide assistance to 3 crèches who look after another 90+ children whose parents often leave for work at 5:30am and only return to collect their children again around 7:30pm.

One such crèche, Sunbeam operated by Chanel and Priscilla Matambo cares for 32 children ranging in age from three babies less than 6 months old to toddlers age 4 is about to be closed down by the City of Cape Town due to the fact that Sunbeam has outgrown the legal capacity for the number of children in their care at their current premises.

Chanel a passionate and dedicated care-giver and child-minder is devastated and has been trying to save up money to expand her facilities but the cost of doing so is beyond her means.

Charging a mere R200 per child per month and often accepting far less if the parents cannot afford to pay the full amount, Chanel often feeds the children in her care out of her own pocket and has provided sleeping facilities for 5 children whose parents work night shift. The children in her care are beautifully looked after and happy – this is testament to Chanel’s passion for the well being of the children in her care.

We cannot afford for this crèche to be closed and for these children to be placed on the street. This is their only option as the other crèches in Westlake are also full to capacity and honestly not nearly as beautifully run as Sunbeam.

We are urgently appealing to companies like Builder’s Warehouse, Pole Yard, Penny Pinchers, Timber City and our local community to help raise funds to purchase a Wendy house and to build a secure wall costing R14000. We have until the 14th June to have an additional structure in place or Sunbeam will be closed down.

The Orphan Care foundation is a registered NPO and any donations received from businesses or companies will receive a 18A tax certificate.

If you are able to help donate cash towards purchasing a Wendy House for the Sunbeam crèche, you can do so via EFT or Credit Card. Please use reference, Surname / Sunbeam for our records.

If you require a 18A tax certificate, please email Ursula@orphancarefoundation.com

Bank :ABSA Bank, Shop 105, Blue Route Mall, Tokai, 7945, Cape Town

Account name : Orphan Care Foundation, P.O. Box 837, Constantia, 7848, Cape Town

Account number :9213623189

Branche code: 632005


Sunbeam creche in Westlake requires urgent donations

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