Giving Love and hope to

Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

Located in Cape Town, South Africa Our Foundation works with children in the Westlake Community.

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Help a Child

Your donation help fund our projects to uplift and help orphaned and vulnerable children and to maintain the weekly Kids Club program in Westlake which provides a platform to educate the children and provides a meal to them.

Donations are critical to the continued operations of our foundation.

With your help, we can support more children better

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Show Up

Be a Volunteer

The love, kindness and encouragement you have to share with these delightful children, has such an immense impact on their young lives. YOU are as important as they are, and together we can make a difference!

You are most welcome to join our happy team of volunteers.

We need your time and talents. If you can read a story and give a hug . . . . .  you’re perfect!

Westlake Community is easily accessible from all around Cape Town.  Please come and join us and embrace our growing family.

Give UP

Donate Goods

Non-perishable foods are at the top of our list.

These are children who have nothing.  So anything you wish to donate will be put to good use. We collect both new and 2nd hand items from clothing to books, toys, stationery, toiletries, bedding and blankets etc

Bundle them up in a parcel and send them to us.

Perhaps getting friends, colleagues or businesses together to help collect these.

Speak out

Spread the Word

We need YOU!

The power of social media is phenomenal!  Please follow and share Orphan Care Foundation on Social Media

Every person who knows about the plight of our orphans creates another step toward the light, for another child.

Be a light!

where your money goes

Donation info

Kids Club

Every Friday afternoon  the  children in the Westlake informal settlement queue excitedly at the community hall to go to Kids Club .  It has grown to accommodate over 300 happy children  ranging from 4 to 9 years old. They do arts and crafts, learn skills , have fun and are fed in a safe and encouraging   environment. Special guests are invited to share their own stories and to interact with the kids.  

Food packs

We distribute two types of food packs. The Emergency Food Packs are for child abandonment and are mostly non-perishable foods.  The General food pack is used to support foster families on a monthly basis and is hugely funding dependent. 

A sample pack may contain Long Life Milk, Peanut Butter, Brown Sugar, Wheat-Bix, Rice or Noodles, Soap and Washing Powder.



Many of the children have no access to hygiene products and are therefore unkempt. They are often teased about their appearance, we give them back their dignity with the basics of personal hygiene like a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo.

These small items are a huge positive. With your donations, we can help more children live a dignified life

By Donating

You help us change lives!

Not everyone is destined for volunteer work, you have families, jobs and busy lives. We understand this and if you want to help, the  most effective way to help our kids requires a quick click on our Donate button. Your kind generosity will touch a life and make it better.

Where the money goes

  • Kids Club 75% 75%
  • Food Packs 15% 15%
  • Dignity Packs 10% 10%

Should you want your donation to be used for something specific, or require any information from us, please feel free to contact us.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our beloved country has an inordinate number of homeless, orphaned and vulnerable children. They are neglected, underfed and uneducated. These children have no safe home, no loving arms, and no hope for a future. They are hungry, desperate and afraid. They have no protection and no safe place in which to just be children. We want to slowly, child by precious child, change this.

We find foster parents committed to our cause, we encourage and create a support system so that these children can grow healthy, learn to read and write, be guided and inspired feel loved and cared for. The joy of seeing the transformation, in a child's eyes from despair and desperation to that of hope is truly indescribable.

With your help, we make this happen.

We started this journey of Hope 9 years ago in the lost community of Westlake. We hope to slowly expand our embrace to other areas in the Cape.  Building sustainable relationships with NGO’s, businesses, and individuals with the goal of releasing our children from spiritual, economic and social poverty to become fulfilled, responsible and productive adults.

Change starts on our doorsteps, in our closest communities and we call you to heed the desperate needs of those around us.

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Your donations help fund our monthly Food and Dignity Packs and maintain the Westlake Kids Club twice weekly.

Donations are critical to the continued operations of our foundation.

With your help, we can support more children better

By clicking the “Donate Now” button below you will be redirected to the PayFast payment gateway to make a safe and secure once off or recurring payment.

Our Sponsors

We are enormously grateful to our sponsor and partners, without whom we would be unable to continue.

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