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Our History

On a cold and rainy winter’s day a friend gave a lift to a child, on her way to school. Later that morning she told my wife and I about the soaking wet girl who stood beside the road in her school clothes, desperate for a lift to school. Every day she hitchhikes 15 km to school and 15 km back. She lost both her parents to illness and is cared for by her sister, together with two other children. An overwhelming compassion for this orphaned child stirred inside us. We both wondered what we could do to help. We prayed for guidance and opportunities to assist her and to bring hope into her life. The next day our friend told the story to an old school friend who was overwhelmed – she is a trustee of a Family Trust and was looking for orphans to assist financially. I phoned and visited the school to find the girl. I offered to be her mentor and manage the sponsored funds. My knowledge and previous involvement in humanitarian projects in Africa came to good use. My life was deeply touched the morning I met the child and broke the good news to her that she will in future have a raincoat, transport to school and other basic needs throughout her school career. To see the transformation in the eyes of a child whose future is changed from one of desperation to hope is indescribable.


South Africa currently has 2,000,000 Aids orphans. These are children who wake up hungry and desperate. When afraid, they have no arms to run into for protection. When hurt, there are no moms or dads to pick them up and dry their tears. Their lives are shaped by fear of the unknown and a desperate struggle for survival. They might never have the privilege of growing up in a home where they can think and play like a child. They must do without the loving care of a parent or someone to inspire and guide them; someone to help make their dreams come true; a house with food on the table and a fair opportunity to go to school. I asked myself – how can I see this and do nothing? How can I dream of business empires and three course meals and sleep safe and secure under pure cotton linen while children are crying in the ghettoes and living on garbage? Should I not be lending a hand of hope? For each of us there is a place in God’s plan, unique to our skills, position in society and network of connections and influence.

Our Mission

Situated in Cape Town, our Foundation works closely with the orphaned and vulnerable children in the Westlake Community. With your help and assistance, this can change – we aim to reach as many orphaned and vulnerable children in our city, our country, our continent and other parts of the world.

We aim to create lasting partnerships between NGO’s, businesses and individuals to raise funds and implement sustainable programs to release orphaned and vulnerable children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enabling them to become responsible and fulfilled adults.

You can MAke a child smile


Your donations help fund our monthly Food and Dignity Packs and maintain the Westlake Kids Club twice weekly.

Donations are critical to the continued operations of our foundation.

With your help, we can support more children better

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